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Wage & Hour Law

Defending Against Wage and Hours Claim

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was enacted during the Depression in the 1930's. The $.25 minimum wage set at that time has been amended over the years and other provisions relating to wages, hours and other conditions of employment have been added.

The California Labor Code contains stringent wage and hour requirements and obligations for California employers.

Unfortunately for employers, both federal and state wage and hour claims have become the number one priority of plaintiff attorneys who represent employees both individually and in class actions. This is compounded by the increase in penalties, interest and attorneys’ fees for unpaid wages which employers can be assessed. Wage & Hour Law compliance is essential.

Mr. Wilson:

  • Defends employers in Wage & Hour Law lawsuits brought individually or by a class;
  • Represents employers in Wage & Hour Law cases involving federal, state, and local governments;
  • Drafts policies for wage and hour compliance addressing such areas as misclassification of employees, overtime requirements, meal and break obligations (where applicable);
  • Audits wage and hour practices to ensure compliance with federal and state laws;
  • Represents employers in wage and hour audits conducted by federal and/or state administrative agencies; and
  • Conducts management training for Wage & Hour Law compliance.

Mr. Wilson offers clients expertise and backup necessary to deal with the current wage and hour environment.

Contact an experienced Wage & Hour Lawyer

Call Scott A. Wilson in San Diego, California, at 619.234.9011 (office), 619.851.8441 (cellular) or email to scott@pepperwilson.com.

Mr. Wilson handles all types of wage and hours claims for employers in Southern California as well as for operators of Indian gaming casinos nationwide.