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Preparation of Policies & Handbooks

Drafting Employee Handbooks and Manuals

During his many years of practicing employment law, attorney Scott A. Wilson has learned that the best way to prevent employment related litigation and disputes is to develop and communicate effective personnel relations policies. To that end, he works with clients to develop sound and compliant employment practices. He helps them document these practices by drafting employee handbooks and human resources manuals.

Prevention and defense

Manuals and handbooks prevent employee claims and protect employers when a claim occurs. Mr. Wilson uses his many years of experience and his thorough knowledge to give his clients the security needed to operate in the complex and often-changing world of employment law.

Call lawyer Scott A. Wilson in San Diego, California, to discuss employee handbooks and policy manuals.

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A well-drafted employee handbook would include sections on:

  • At-will employment
  • Sexual harassment and hostile workplace policies
  • Hours of work, breaks and meals
  • Job descriptions
  • Process for promotions
  • Disciplinary procedures up to and including termination
  • Leaves of absence

Benefiting both employers and employees

Providing information on matters such as these can reduce ambiguity and uncertainty for employees. It can also make it much easier to develop a strong defense against employee claims over wages and hours, discrimination and wrongful termination.

Mr. Wilson has been practicing employment law for more than 30 years. He uses his experience to help clients protect themselves with sound polices and effective documentation. Contact his San Diego office to discuss the development of employment polices and procedures. Call him at 619.234.9011 (office), 619.851.8441 (cellular) or email to scott@pepperwilson.com.