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Sexual Harassment Defense

Defending Against Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment claims are usually one of two kinds: quid pro quo or a hostile work environment claim. In addition, these types of employee claims can also lead to retaliation claims that allege retaliatory action by the employer because the employee filed a sexual harassment complaint.

Sexual harassment is considered sex discrimination and is outlawed by Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act as well as the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.

San Diego, California, lawyer Scott A. Wilson defends employers against sexual harassment claims. In addition, he offers clients training with the goal of preventing quid pro quo, hostile workplace and retaliation claims.

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Quid pro quo claims

This type of discrimination continues to occur. Such claims usually allege that the employer required sexual favors in return for an employment advantage, such as a raise, a better office, better work assignment or more vacation. An employee can also allege that rejection of sexual advances had negative consequences, such as a demotion or termination.

Hostile work environment claims

A more common charge is that the employer permitted the existence of a hostile work environment. Mr. Wilson has defended against cases arising from jokes and comments of a sexual nature, ongoing requests for dates, unwanted hugging or kissing, obscene gestures and the posting of sexually suggestive posters or drawings.

Retaliation claims

Many of Mr. Wilson’s cases are retaliation claims. These usually involve an employee who charges that he or she was terminated, disciplined or otherwise retaliated against for filing a sexual harassment claim or complaint.

The incidence of sexual harassment claims can be reduced through training of both supervisors and all employees. Mr. Wilson provides sexual harassment prevention training as required by California law. He also helps draft policies and procedures for employee handbooks that make company policy very clear to all employees.

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