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Indian Gaming Employment Law

Indian Gaming and Employment

The advent of Indian casinos throughout the United States has put a spotlight on employment law issues facing Indian tribal employers. Tribally operated casinos should speak with a knowledgeable lawyer to learn about the applicable laws.

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Contact Scott A. Wilson in San Diego, California, at 619.234.9011

Mr. Wilson has extensive experience representing Indian Gaming employers in California as well as throughout the United States advising as to every area of labor relations and employment law. Mr. Wilson is familiar with the unique circumstances and legal status of tribal employers and the applicability of state and/or federal labor relations and employment laws to the operations of such employers.

Unfortunately for tribal employers, there has been an ever-increasing expansion of labor relations and employment law in Indian Country and a gradual erosion by the Courts of the doctrine of sovereign immunity. That is why it is imperative that tribal employers receive ongoing updated advice as to the current state of the law as tribal gaming expands.

Some federal employment statutes are silent about their application to operators of Indian gaming casinos. Such laws require the use of specific criteria to determine whether they are applicable. There may be special employment law provisions in states with negotiated Indian gaming compacts subject to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (1988). Complexities such as these require an experienced employment lawyer to determine the applicable law.

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Mr. Wilson is a sought-after lecturer on topics such as sovereign immunity and the applicability of labor relations and employment law to Indian tribes. To speak with him about employment law and its role in tribal operations, contact his San Diego office. Call 619.234.9011 (office), 619.851.8441 (cellular) or email to scott@pepperwilson.com.