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Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration to Resolve Employment Disputes

The tremendous increase in lawsuits over the past decade has caused employers to consider in-house programs for handling complaints and resolving disputes without litigation.

Mr. Wilson advises employers in all aspects of alternative dispute resolution, from creating, designing and evaluating dispute resolution procedures to training management and implementing such procedures.

He advises employers on a variety of programs, including:

  • Internal/external mediation
  • Ombudsman training and implementation
  • Arbitration of employment related claims including the drafting of arbitration agreements.

The success of these programs depends on how they are tailored to the needs of a specific employer.

San Diego attorney Scott A. Wilson represents employers in arbitrations and mediations.

Contact attorney Scott A. Wilson to learn how mediation or arbitration may apply to your situation.

Call his San Diego, California, law office at 619.234.9011.


In recent years the number of employers in non-unionized settings have entered into agreements with employees to arbitrate all employment related disputes. However, the courts have strictly scrutinized such agreements to ensure fairness to employees covered by the agreements. Mr. Wilson advises employers as to the most up to date case law to ensure the creation of a legally binding arbitration agreement.


This is an increasingly popular process whereby parties attempt to informally resolve employment related disputes and often occurs as a result of a real or threatened lawsuit. It is a non-binding process where a neutral party gives each side an honest assessment as to the strength of their case. Mr. Wilson has represented numerous clients in mediations that have resulted in a successful resolution of outstanding claims. He is familiar with qualified mediators.

Contact attorney Scott A. Wilson at his San Diego office to learn more about arbitration and mediation and how it might affect employers. Call him at 619.234.9011 (office), 619.851.8441 (cellular) or email to scott@pepperwilson.com.